Farmingdale LIRR Station Parking

Bethpage Park Apartments is within walking distance of the Farmingdale LIRR station but we provide the following information, subject to change without notice, as a courtesy if you need to drive there.  Always verify parking rules and restrictions before you park!

Please note that most of the Farmingdale station parking area requires a paid permit from the Village of Farmingdale for parking during weekdays.  This is enforced between 4am and 4pm.  Please visit for information about obtaining a Non-Resident permit.  Daily paid metered spots are also available which do not require a permit.  Bicycle racks are also provided.  Parking on the weekends is free.  If you cannot obtain a parking permit or do not wish to pay for a parking meter, walking to the station from Bethpage Park Apartments is most practical as the closest legal all day parking spots outside of the train station are all in close proximity.

Parking in the neighborhood around the area of the Farmingdale train station is restricted as indicated on road signs and by the 4 hour parking limit imposed throughout the village.